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Suburban leaders who have made a difference: Evelyn Rivera

.This week we are featuring Evelyn Rivera. Embracing her Latin culture Rivera was inspired to create Muchacha Salsa. This successful entrepenuer feels motivated to give back to the community and credits her Puerto Rican mother for teaching her the importance of hard work, Hispanic food and her Hispanic heritage. More >

Nation & World

College loans

( — The price of a college education continues to rise, but it’s possible to get a tax deduction that will reduce the cost. Taxpayers with certain characteristics can deduct interest paid on a student loan on their tax returns. More >

Your Health

Improving your mental health

Good mental health helps you enjoy life and helps you deal with difficulties. Good mental health includes the way you feel about yourself, your relationships and your ability to cope with problems. More >

Life & More

Tuition tax break

( — The federal government offers parents and students two tax discount programs, Hope/American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning, to help pay the costs of higher education. More >


Latino high school area stars hoop it up

(Daily Herald Report) — With the close of the high school basketball season, the Daily Herald selected its annual All-Area Basketball Teams for local high schools, and several players with Hispanic roots earned coveted spots. More >


2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

Contrary to popular belief, hybrid cars have been around for over a century. Already in 1901, Ferninad Porsche was developing the first car that combined a gas engine and an electric motor. More >

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