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Education and Work Center opens with high hopes

After years of planning, the long-awaited Education and Work Center has opened in Hanover Park, a novel facility that puts two community colleges under one roof. More >

Nation & World

Surviving ‘La Bestia’

Editor’s Note: José, a 14-year-old Guatemalan American high school freshman in Kern County, Calif., describes the journey he took to come to the United States when he was eight years old. He asked us to don’t use his last name. More >

Your Health

Could it be depression?

Depression is a health issue, an illness like any other illness.

Depression can be harmful, incapacitating or even dangerous. Being depressed doesn’t mean you are crazy or weak or that you have failed to help yourself. More >

Life & More

How about diversity?

(AP) — A new study shows that less than 5 percent of actors in top Hollywood films are Hispanic, and that Latinas are more likely than women of any other ethnicity to appear partially or totally naked on screen. More >


Soler excited to sharpen his game in Chicago

Once again, the Cubs felt the time was right to promote one of their top prospects.

As far as the organization accelerating the club’s overall plan, team President Theo Epstein gently applied his foot to the brake. More >


Deported Mexicans find new life at call centers

(AP) — Henry Monterroso is a foreigner in his own country. Raised in California from the age of 5, he was deported to Mexico in 2011 and found himself in a land he barely knew. More >

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