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‘Til death do us part, but how do you handle ‘in sickness and in health’? Long-term care perceptions

February 24, 2013

(BPT) - Apparently “in sickness and in health” can mean different things to men and women. More >

11 fun ways older adults can get in shape

November 29, 2015

( — If you’re an older adult, few things are more important for your health than exercise. But many seniors find themselves unable to do as many physical activities as they get older. More >

4 ways to live well this winter Stay active and healthy during the cold weather months

February 24, 2013

(BPT) - Dreaming of spring despite the cold weather outside? You’re not the only one. Many people start thinking of warmer temperatures as soon as the mercury drops. Instead of sitting inside this winter, use these tips to “think spring” so you’ll be ready when the thermometer rises again. More >

A better medical care would prevent 1 million stillbirths

May 08, 2011

(AP) — More than 2 million babies are stillborn every year worldwide and about half could be saved if their mothers had better medical care, according to a recent study. More >

A matter of genetics

August 14, 2011

(EFE) - Hispanic children and teens have a higher genetic predisposition to the disease known as fatty liver (steatosis of the liver), which can lead to cirrhosis, cardiovascular problems and diabetes, research shows. More >

A teenage bond

August 14, 2011

(AP) - Courtney Montgomery's heart was failing, but the 16-year-old furiously refused when her doctors, and her mother, urged a transplant. Previous surgeries hadn't helped, and the North Carolina girl didn't believe this scarier operation would either. More >

Add vaccinations to your back-to-school checklist

August 04, 2013

In observance of National Immunizations Awareness Month in August, the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center, the American College of Emergency Physcians (ACEP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are reminding parents to include immunizations on their back-to More >

Alzheimer’s disease and Mexican Americans

May 25, 2014

(NIMH) — Early memory issues known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI), commonly seen among Mexican Americans, may predispose them to Alzheimer’s disease almost a decade sooner than non-Hispanics. More >

Alzheimer's isn't inevitable, acccording to new study

February 12, 2012

(AARP Magazine) - Many experts now believe you can prevent or at least delay dementia - even if you have a genetic predisposition. More >

American women believe breast cancer kills more people than lung cancer

May 25, 2014

( — American women believe that breast cancer kills more people than lung cancer, despite the fact that lung cancer kills more Americans in a year (women and men) than any other cancer. More >

Avoiding sugary drinks can help protect young teeth

August 04, 2013, Dr. Helen Minciotti

Making a difference in a child’s nutrition can be a difficult task. That’s one of the reasons I focus not just on the range of solid foods that my patients eat but also on what they drink. More >

Bipolar disorder: from euphoria to depression

May 08, 2011

(EFE) — The most accurate statistics verify that eight percent of the world’s population suffers from bipolar disorder with different levels of severity, while specialists warn that small or large abuse of stimulants can trigger a genetic vulnerability to suffer from this psychiatric condition. More >

Boosting immune system will help you avoid colds, flu

February 24, 2013

For Reflejos Chances are, you’ve recently had family members or co-workers sick with a cold or the flu. This time of year seems to bring on sickness as often as the weather changes. More >

Brain disease breakthrough

February 24, 2013

(BPT) - For people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the second most common degenerative brain disease after Alzheimer’s, a new Web-based service makes it easier to turn a difficult situation into something positive. More >

Casino valet donates kidney to regular customer

February 24, 2013, Madhu Krishnamurthy

For a year and a half, Timothy Brennan has been a regular at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, faithfully playing the slots with the hope of winning big. Brennan recently hit the jackpot. More >

Childless men may face higher heart disease risk

February 12, 2012

( - Men who do not have children appear to face a higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who become fathers, a new study suggests. The findings also showed a slightly increased risk of cardiovascular trouble among men who had only one child. More >

Colorectal cancer screening: A life-saving choice for women

May 08, 2011

National Cancer Institute, Many consider it a man’s disease. Yet half of those diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year are women. And about half of those women will die from it. This cancer is highly curable if caught at an early stage. More >

Combating child obesity

August 14, 2011, Alyse Thompson

Without a doubt, childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States, and Illinois is not immune to its effects. Statistics revealed last December at the Illinois Obesity Action Summit showed that Illinois has the fourth-highest obesity rate in the U.S. More >

Confident kids today lead to successful adults tomorrow

August 04, 2013

(Submitted by YMCA) — The B.R. Ryall YMCA of Northwestern DuPage County believes the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for life. At the Y, children realize their full potential by learning values and positive behaviors and exploring their unique talents and interests. More >

Consejos de la Doctora

May 26, 2013

El cáncer de seno es el cáncer más común entre las mujeres hispanas, de acuerdo con estudios realizados por el proyecto Susan G. Komen for the Cure. More >

Could kids be to blame for mom’s bad health habits?

May 08, 2011

CHICAGO (AP) -- A study found that mothers of young children were heavier and ate more calories, sugary drinks and fatty foods than childless women. Moms and dads in the study were less active than their peers without kids. More >

Dealing with allergies

May 08, 2011

Por Carolyn Butler Para Reflejos Tis once again the season — of sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and itchy, bloodshot eyes. More >

Death rate for lung cancer among women declines

May 08, 2011

(AP) — For the first time, women’s death rates from lung cancer are dropping, possibly a turning point in the smoking-fueled epidemic. It’s a small decline, says the report on lung cancer — just under 1 percent a year. More >

Deep belly fat could weaken men’s bones, according to study

February 24, 2013

( — Obese men with a lot of deep belly fat are at greater risk for bone-thinning than other men, a new study finds. More >

Do you have a drinking problem? What to do when your drinking becomes excesive

May 26, 2013

(BPT) - There’s no denying that drinking is a widely accepted element of social life in America. Cocktail parties, evenings out, formal functions, and even a drink or two with dinner are customary practices. More >

Do you have a gambling problem?

February 24, 2013

Elgin, IL—While the Baltimore Ravens are big winners at this year’s Super Bowl, some football fans lost thousands of dollars betting against them. And while for most people it’s a harmless way to have fun, for the problem gambler it’s the beginning of the end. More >

Do you have social phobia?

May 25, 2014

(NIMH) — Social phobia, also called social anxiety disorder, is diagnosed when people become overwhelmingly anxious and excessively self-conscious in everyday social situations. More >

Evaluate your emotional health

February 24, 2013, Edited by Wendy Moncada

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your relationship is going astray. Although not always possible to prevent violence in relationships, there are steps you can take to try to protect yourself. If you think you’re in an abusive or controlling relationship: -- Trust your instincts. More >

Eventually, a child needs to take his own journey

August 04, 2013, Becky Baudouin

“Help! My Child Wants to be a Vegetarian!” This is the title I typed in the search bar at the library, hoping to find a book that would help me deal with my 12-year-old daughter’s decision to give up meat for good. More >

Experts respond

February 12, 2012

Q. I'm totally confused by the conflicting things I'm hearing about whether vitamin D can reduce cancer risk. What's the current advice about vitamin D? A. More >

Fake pregnancy shines light on Latina teen rates

May 08, 2011

(AP) -- When Gaby Rodriguez took off her fake baby belly and revealed to her classmates that for months they had been part of an elaborate social experiment, she did more than force members of her community to examine how they treat pregnant teens. She got the attention of the nation. More >

Family harmony

August 14, 2011, Ken Potts

John seemed to be an average eighth-grader until the last few months of the school year. He began having problems he was inattentive in class, often forgot homework assignments and failed quizzes that he usually would have passed easily. More >

First brain wave test to help assess children for ADHD

August 04, 2013

(FDA) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today allowed marketing of the first medical device based on brain function to help assess attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents 6 to 17 years old. More >

From the wombs

August 14, 2011

(AP) - Imagine being pregnant and taking a simple blood test that lays bare the DNA of your fetus. And suppose that DNA could reveal not only medical conditions like Down syndrome, but also things like eye color and height. And the risk for developing depression or Alzheimer's disease. More >

Funding, ‘traumatized’ kids challenge child-welfare system

August 04, 2013, Marni Pyke

Two challenges face Lutherbrook and similar institutions dealing with traumatized children, experts say. One is the state debt crisis that’s hit social services particularly hard. More >

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): When worry gets out of control

February 12, 2012

(NIMH) - Are you extremely worried about everything in your life, even if there is little or no reason to worry? Are you very anxious about just getting through the day? Are you afraid that everything will always go badly? If so, you may have an anxiety disorder called generalized anxiety More >

Genetics, hormones and environmental factors contribute to depression in women

May 26, 2013

( — When a woman has a depressive disorder, it interferes with daily life and normal functioning, and causes pain for both the woman with the disorder and those who care about her. Depression is a common but serious illness, and most who have it need treatment to get better. More >

Get tested for cervical cancer

May 25, 2014

( — You can help prevent cervical cancer by getting regular screening tests (called Pap tests) and follow-up care. A Pap test (sometimes called a Pap smear) is done in a doctor’s office or clinic. More >

Health-care providers make varicose removal easier

May 08, 2011

(AP) — Leg problems are putting more women flat on their back. The swelling and pain of varicose veins and other woes of poor blood flow are not new. But treatment has become so efficient and almost pain-free that fixing the problem is barely a bump in a day’s schedule. More >

Help Make Your Child’s School Healthier

August 04, 2013

(CDC) — Because children spend most of their time in classrooms, schools are an ideal setting for healthy behaviors to be taught and modeled. Therefore, parents are speaking up and getting involved in an effort to improve the health of their children at schools. One Washington, D.C. More >

Hoarding: The Basics Learn to recognize the signs

February 24, 2013, Wendy Moncada

Do you consider yourself one of those people that always have trouble throwing things away? When you’re sifting through your old magazines, newspapers, old clothes, etc. More >

How parents can prevent kids' summer injuries

August 14, 2011, Kourtney Liepelt

A child's susceptibility to various diseases is a priority in most parents' minds. Yet the commonality and prevention of illnesses should not be of serious concern during the summer months, according to Dr. Garry Gardner, a private practice pediatrician in Darien. More >

How to become a morning person

February 24, 2013

By Ann Sharpsteen For Reflejos Chip Colonna of Collierville, Tenn., is a morning person. Awake and out of bed by 4:15 a.m. Workout at 4:30. Out the door by 6, and arrives to his office at 6:30 a.m. More >

How to preserve your mental abilities as you get older

November 29, 2015

( — So you’ve noticed some changes in your thinking; you often misplace your keys or have trouble coming up with the right word in conversations. More >

Illinois pushes Cook County Medicaid plan

February 12, 2012

SPRINGFIELD - (AP) Illinois is asking the federal government to allow an early expansion of Medicaid coverage to low-income childless adults in order to bring millions of federal dollars into the struggling Cook County health system. More >

Keep kids hydrated during hot summer months

August 04, 2013, Christina Fitzgerald

When I thought of writing about kids and hydration over the summer, I was anticipating hot summer activities with the kids running wild, not these crazy low temperatures and rain. Even still, hot days will come, kids will sweat, and my poor redheaded rambunctious boy will overheat. More >

Learn about blood diseases

May 08, 2011

(NewsUSA) — The American Society of Hematology (ASH), composed of professionals interested in the causes and treatments of blood diseases, is rasing awareness about the ailments of the blood in Hispanic women in the U.S. More >

Learn how to manage stress

May 25, 2014

( — Not all stress is bad. Stress can help protect you in a dangerous situation so you can react quickly to any emergency. More >

Limiting kids' screen time

August 14, 2011

(AP) -- Interventions designed to help kids lose weight by cutting back on the time they spend watching TV or playing video games are so far largely unsuccessful, according to a new report. The authors, led by Dr. More >

Managing pelvic pain with complementary and alternative medicine

May 26, 2013

(PRNewswire) — One in seven women will experience pelvic pain in her lifetime, and between one- and two-thirds will have chronic pain that persists for more than three years. But although it’s common, it can be one of the most difficult and frustrating conditions physicians treat. More >

Mental health resources for women and Latinos

May 26, 2013

@Body unlocked no indent:Bilingual DUI Counseling and Clinical Services, Inc. 4001 West Devon Avenue, Suite 509, Chicago, IL 60646 Phone: (773) 725-8140 Direct line: (773) 725-8140 Website: www.clinicalcareservices. More >

Military sex abuse has long-term impact for vets

May 26, 2013

WASHINGTON(AP) — New government figures underscore the staggering long-term consequences of military sexual assaults: More than 85,000 veterans were treated last year for injuries or illness linked to the abuse, and 4,000 sought disability benefits. More >

Mujeres raises awareness about heart attacks for at-risk Latinas

May 26, 2013

When Maria Gonzalez woke up with heart palpitations, she thought she was having a heart attack. Her mind immediately went to a poster she had seen about heart attacks. She recognized the symptoms and called an ambulance. More >

Narcissism especially bad for men's health

February 12, 2012

( - The inflated sense of self-importance common to narcissism can be toxic to relationships, but a new study suggests the personality trait may also harm men's health. More >

Nurse your baby into health…from the second he is born

August 04, 2013, Isaac Itman

Her mother back in Mexico did not breastfeed her or her siblings for long, but Josefina Guillén, 39, says she always knew breastfeeding was best for a healthy baby. “Breastfeeding was not encouraged in my family,” she said. More >

Parents' military deployment may harm kids' mental health

August 14, 2011

(HealthDay News) - Children with a parent on long-term military deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan are at increased risk for mental health problems, new research suggests. More >

Pediatricians: Sports in heat OK with precautions

August 14, 2011

CHICAGO - (AP) Playing sports in hot, steamy weather is safe for healthy children and teen athletes, so long as precautions are taken and the drive to win doesn't trump common sense, the nation's largest pediatricians group says. More >

Physical fitness asociated with a good mental state in the elderly

November 29, 2015

( — The connections between the different parts of the brain are weakened as you age, but new research suggests that being physically fit can improve brain function in the long term. More >

Pregnancy: A time for special caution

May 26, 2013

( — While it may seem obvious, pregnant women should be particularly careful about weighing the risks and benefits of taking medicines. Not all medicines are safe to take during pregnancy. More >

Premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and mental health

May 26, 2013

( — Hormones can affect a woman’s mood throughout her lifetime. Sometimes the impact on mood can affect a woman’s quality of life. Many times the symptoms that result can be managed with medicine and/or therapy. More >

Reducing Fever in Children: Safe Use of Acetaminophen

August 14, 2011

(FDA) - You're in the drug store, looking for a fever-reducing medicine for your children. They range in age from 6 months to 7 years, and you want to buy one product you can use for all of them. More >

Retired couples may need $220K for health care

May 26, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the second time in the last three years, estimated medical expenses for new retirees have fallen, according to a study released by Fidelity Investments. More >

Salty snacks Study shows salty comfort foods can reduce stress

May 26, 2013

(BPT) - Stress affects everyone and can cause problems at work, home and with health. Researchers have found that stress is a leading cause of illness, affecting as much as 20 percent of the population. More >

Sleeping tips for back-to-school success

August 04, 2013

(BPT) - Did you know the best preparation for back to school is a good night’s sleep? Lack of sleep can affect a child’s performance, attention, learning, behavior and biological functions, experts say. More >

State child and health services agencies

August 04, 2013

Illinois All Kids: Healthcare for All Kids The All Kids program offers many Illinois children comprehensive health care that includes doctors visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and medical devices like eyeglasses and asthma inhalers. More >

Stimulate without exageration

August 14, 2011

The brain is like a muscle. It grows as we use it. But, inside these frequencies of development, the first six years in the life of a person are essential for the development of the physical and intellectual intelligence of the person. More >

Stroke risks fade when women stop taking estrogen

May 08, 2011

(AP) – Strokes and other health problems linked with estrogen pills appear to fade when women quit taking them after menopause, the first long-term follow-up of a landmark study found. It’s reassuring news for women who take the hormone in their 50s when menopause usually begins. More >

Strokes among younger people are on the rise

February 12, 2012

WASHINGTON - (AP) When a stroke hits at 52, like what happened to Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, the reaction is an astonished, "But he's so young." The reality is that strokes don't just happen to grandma. More >

Study on the healthcare habits of undocumented Latinas

May 08, 2011, Wendy Moncada

It wasn’t until recently that the U.S. government began to collect data on Latina health, according to the Hispanic Health National Alliance. In fact, before 1989 there weren’t any government statistics about the causes of death among Hispanics in general, much less about the undocumented. More >

Study probes food addictions

May 08, 2011

Por Jennifer LaRue Huget Para Reflejos A study published online in the Archives of General Psychiatry showed that the brains of women who have symptoms of food addiction respond to the prospect of delicious food in much the same way that the brain of a drug addict responds to the pr More >

Taking one for the team

February 24, 2013, Dr. Helen Minciotti

They were novices, but doing a remarkably fine job handling a newborn. The young parents were in the office for their 5-day-old’s well-baby checkup — the first of many. More >

Targeted prostate cancer biopsies might improve care, according to study

February 24, 2013

( — A new, highly targeted form of biopsy could be an advance in prostate cancer care, a new study suggests. More >

The 7 most common health concerns for seniors

November 29, 2015

( — People in America today can expect to live longer than ever before. Once you make it to 65, the data suggest that you can live another 19.3 years, on average. More >

The importance of breast self-exam

May 26, 2013

The importance of breast self-exam Ÿ Lie down and place your right arm behind your head. The exam is done while lying down because in this position the breast tissue spreads evenly over the chest wall and is as thin as possible, making it much easier to feel all the breast tissue. More >

Tips for kids with diabetes: eat healthy and be active

August 04, 2013

( — About 215,000 young people under 20 years of age have diabetes. Most of them have type 1 diabetes. As obesity rates in children continue to soar, type 2 diabetes, a disease that used to be seen primarily in adults over age 45, is becoming more common in young people. More >

Too many rheumatoid arthritis patients inactive, study finds

February 12, 2012

( - More than 40 percent of rheumatoid arthritis patients live a sedentary life, a new study finds. More >

Tyrant kids

August 14, 2011

Make no mistake; contrary to popular belief, parents are not the main culprits behind rebellious, authoritarian and demanding behavior displayed by some children. More >

Unhealthy habits that make you age faster

November 29, 2015

( — How you look and feel when you’re older may depend on how you live your life when you’re younger. To a great extent, good senior health means making good choices early on. More >

Unlocking Mireya's world

August 14, 2011

(AP) - Mireya Salazar is 3 years and 3 months old and has fine black hair. Many nights, Mireya will not fall asleep unless her feet are touching her mother and her head is touching her grandmother. More >


February 24, 2013

CHICAGO (AP) -- Take a walk through a human brain? Fly over the surface of Mars? Computer scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago are pushing science fiction closer to reality with a wraparound virtual world where a researcher wearing 3-D glasses can do all that and more. More >

What are eating disorders?

May 26, 2013

( — An eating disorder is an illness that causes serious disturbances to your everyday diet, such as eating extremely small amounts of food or severely overeating. More >

What is epididymitis?

February 24, 2013

( — Epididymitis is swelling (inflammation) of the epididymis, the tube that connects the testicle with the vas deferens, and it is most common in young men ages 19 - 35. It is a major cause of hospital admissions in the military. More >

What is Panic Disorder?

May 25, 2014

(NIMH) — People with panic disorder have sudden and repeated attacks of fear that last for several minutes. Sometimes symptoms may last longer. These are called panic attacks. More >

What is Parkinson’s disease?

November 29, 2015

(NIH) — Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination. It affects about half a million people in the United States although the numbers may be much higher. More >

When in doubt, throw out old medicines

February 12, 2012

(Washington Post) - Most of the medications in my husband's bathroom cabinet are outdated. There's the chloroquine, filled June 2008, expired June 2009; the prescription-strength naproxen, dispensed October 2010, just expired; and the hydrocodone that should have been tossed more than a year ago. More >

Why a normal Pap test may not mean you are cancer-free

May 26, 2013

(BPT) - Many women know that getting a Pap test regularly from their health care provider is a good way to check for signs of cervical cancer, the second most common cancer in women worldwide. What they might not know is that a “normal” Pap result does not necessarily mean they are cancer-free. More >

WIC facilty’s staff in Elgin educates pregnant women and new mothers about nutrition

May 26, 2013

For pregnant women and mothers of newborn children, knowing what is healthy and what is unhealthy for their baby and for themselves can be a challenge. With experts giving opinions from all different angles, it can cause headaches for mothers and expectant mothers. More >

Winter workout

February 12, 2012, Carolyn Butler

If you want to maintain your health, there's no such thing as a winter break from exercise. "You need a consistent, year-round program in order to stay well, not only physically but also psychologically," says B. More >

Women have new options for breast cancer surgery

May 26, 2013

(AP) — Treating breast cancer almost always involves surgery, and for years the choice was just having the lump or the whole breast removed. More >

Worlds AIDS Day promotes awareness and testing

November 29, 2015

World AIDS day is observed each year on December 1st and is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV, and remember those who have died. More >