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Trump’s Nafta threats push Mexico to play catchup on innovation

May 21, 2017

Mexico doesn’t have enough people like Juan Pablo Senosiain, and U.S. President Donald Trump might just be the person to help change that. More >

Horse racing industry is worry about losing immigrant workers

May 14, 2017

The backside of Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, hums with activity as workers clean stalls, bathe horses and lead the muscular animals on strolls to cool them down after workouts. The quiet is broken when they speak to each other and the horses — in Spanish. More >

A model with

May 07, 2017

It’s always nice to meet an old acquaintance such as the Acura MDX. It’s not the first time I try it, and I’ve always felt comfortable in this SUV, the “battlehorse” Acura. More >

Power, performance and prestige are synonyms of Audi

April 30, 2017

One of my cousins was surprised by the fall of the Berlin Wall, studying in the GDR, the German Democratic Republic or East Germany. More >

Ecos marks 50 years, built on immigrant’s dream

April 25, 2017

Eftichios “Van” Vlahakis left his native Greece to make a better life for himself in the Chicago suburbs in 1953. With $22 in his pocket, Vlahakis slept in homeless shelters while working as a busboy and waiter to earn enough money to go to Roosevelt University. More >

CLC backs proposal to offer 4-year nursing degree

April 23, 2017

College of Lake County officials say they back a proposal that would allow some two-year schools to offer a four-year nursing program.

Under the bill introduced by Democratic state Sen. More >

A sports car with an attractive price

April 23, 2017

Some studies claim that 8 out of 10 men suffer from andropause — the male version of menopause. Andropause, also known as the mid-age crisis, causes many changes to an individual. In addition to the usual ones, inherent to sexual function, it also affects emotions and mood. More >

Mexico says quick Nafta rewrite possible as Trump eases rhetoric

April 23, 2017

Mexico’s top trade negotiator said he was heartened by a retreat from more protectionist rhetoric in the U.S. and that talks to redo the North American Free Trade Agreement may conclude as soon as January. More >

Mexicans get Trump’s message and vacation in Canada instead

April 17, 2017, Bloomberg

Mexicans, it seems, know how to take a hint. More and more tourists, feeling unwanted in the U.S., are opting to go elsewhere instead. Airports in Miami, Orlando, San Antonio and Denver clocked fewer travelers coming from Mexico City and Guadalajara in the first two months of 2017, while Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver saw a surge in traffic from Mexico’s capital.  More >

Caterpillar to close Aurora-area plant, lay off 800

April 09, 2017

Caterpillar INC. said Friday, March 31, it is closing its Aurora plant and laying off 800 workers.

Since January, the company has been considering moving the machine production out of its facility technically in Montgomery into other U.S. More >

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