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Mexico racing to lay pipes to reach more U.S. gas this summer

July 04, 2017

Mexico is racing against the clock to get natural gas pipelines online this summer.

The nation has found itself “in a tight situation,” said David Madero, who overseas the government’sMore >

Paving company plans to open new headquarters in Gurnee

July 02, 2017, Doug T. Graham

The Gurnee village board has approved plans allowing a family-owned paving company to move operations out of a home’s basement and into an office building constructed on a newly annexed site along Delaney Road. The village board voted June 19 to annex the 2.28-acre parcel at 35735 North Delany Road that Total Paving and Brick Services intends to operate from. Owner Trinidad Espinoza has been operating the asphalt business out of the Beach Park home of his daughter, Maria Lozada. More >

Des Plaines’ Ordonez earns regional champ at LongHorn

July 02, 2017, Anna Marie Kukec

Des Plaines resident Ernesto Ordonez is the new regional champion ofLongHorn Steakhouse’sSteak Master Series. More >

Warner Cruz builds his, parents’ dream in successful company

June 25, 2017, Ann Marie Kukec

Warner Cruz had big dreams that were drastically different from those of his Guatemalan parents who worked long, strenuous hours running their small cleanup and restoration business in the suburbs. More >

Why Apple is struggling to become an AI powerhouse

June 18, 2017, Washington Post

In 2011, Apple became the first company to place artificial intelligence in the pockets of millions of consumers when the firm’s co-founder Steve Jobs launched the voice assistant Siri on the iPhone. Eight years later, the technology giant is struggling to find its voice in AI. More >

The Toyota Prious is still a leader

June 11, 2017, Roger Rivero

Six years ago, I drove a Toyota Prius for the first time. I remember two uneven emotions. Joy for the fuel economy, and anguish, for driving a car that, apparently, pulled backwards when a stoplight turned red. More >

Mexico’s steamy soap operas lose out to Netflix, Snapchat

June 01, 2017

Mexicans are switching off their TV sets at an unprecedented rate, bruising shares ofGrupo Televisa SABandMore >

‘Sleep With Me’ podcast so intentionally boring it puts listeners to sleep

May 28, 2017

The problem with a good podcast is that it is interesting.

That is, it’s a problem if you’re an insomniac trying to lull yourself to sleep.

And that’s where “Sleep With Me” comes in. More >

Former Cubby Bear North reopens as event venue

May 23, 2017

The former Cubby Bear North, once a popular place to watch sporting events, has been renovated into a trendy event space that opened May 19.

Big changes have been made at the Lincolnshire property that has a new owner and name. More >

Trump’s Nafta threats push Mexico to play catchup on innovation

May 21, 2017

Mexico doesn’t have enough people like Juan Pablo Senosiain, and U.S. President Donald Trump might just be the person to help change that. More >

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