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Paving company plans to open new headquarters in Gurnee

July 02, 2017
By Doug T. Graham

  • Total Paving and Brick Services, una empresa de pavimentación con sede en Beach Park, tiene planes de abrir una nueva oficina matriz en un edificio propuesto para un sitio de 2.28 acres a lo largo de Delaney Road.
    Total Paving and Brick Services, a Beach Park-based paving company, plans to open a new headquarters out of this proposed building on a 2.28-acre site along Delaney Road.
The Gurnee village board has approved plans allowing a family-owned paving company to move operations out of a home’s basement and into an office building constructed on a newly annexed site along Delaney Road.
The village board voted June 19 to annex the 2.28-acre parcel at 35735 North Delany Road that Total Paving and Brick Services intends to operate from.
Owner Trinidad Espinoza has been operating the asphalt business out of the Beach Park home of his daughter, Maria Lozada, who serves as the company’s president. She said that at peak times they can have seven people working in the basement.
“We’re really looking forward to moving,” Lozada said.
Now that the annexation is complete, the company is going forward with the village’s approval process for a proposed 10,000-square-foot building.
Workshop and warehouse space will take up much of the building, with about 2,000 square feet dedicated for offices. According to village documents, some of the office space could be leased out to other companies.
Lozada said the move will allow the company to consolidate operations. The business currently rents multiple spaces to store their equipment and vehicles, an expense the new building would do away with.
Lozada said they are proud to have been serving the Chicago area for as long as they have.
“I just had a customer call and tell me he wanted us to work for him because we’d paved his driveway in 1994,” Lozada said. “It’s cool to be able to provide work for people and be able to stick around so long.”
Lozada said she and her husband, George Lozada, came on board in 2007 and incorporated the business as Total Paving and Brick Services. Her father still works for the company and now oversees their five work crews as the superintendent.
More from business: Roku device sales blocked in Mexico
Roku Inc. set-top boxes were pulled from the shelves of major department-store chains in Mexico after a court blocked sales of the devices, saying they could be hacked to let users view pirated movies and TV shows.
Salespeople at department stores Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro told newspaper Reforma they were ordered to stop selling Roku boxes due to “legal issues,” the paper reported Tuesday. Hackers in Mexico offer services to alter the device, still sold through Inc.’s Mexican site for 899 pesos (about $50) for one model, so users can access programming that normally would require a paid subscription, like HBO or Hulu.
Cablevision, a cable provider controlled by Grupo Televisa SAB, obtained a court order temporarily blocking the sale of the device, Tricia Mifsud, a spokeswoman for Los Gatos, California-based Roku, said in an email. The court order also required some banking institutions and convenience stores to stop accepting monthly payments to hackers.
“Our platform rules prohibit the distribution of content that violates copyrights,” Mifsud said. “We are working diligently with our distributor in Mexico to restore availability of Roku players in retail. Roku itself was not sued by Cablevision.”
Cablevision, based in Mexico City, said it’s one of many companies affected by hackers exploiting Roku devices. “It’s a complex network we have detected that sends funds received in Mexico to South Korea,” the company said in a statement.
Liverpool and Palacio del Hierro didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment from Bloomberg. Closely held Roku’s investors include Fidelity, 21st Century Fox Inc. and Viacom Inc. 

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