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Your Health

Raw thighs, tummy trouble and other running struggles

July 02, 2017

Summer is here and race season is heating up. Perhaps you’re running your first 5K, or upping your distance for the first time.

You’ve followed the training guidelines. More >

Bullies use a small but powerful weapon to torment allergic kids: peanuts

July 02, 2017, Washington Post

They thought it would be funny: During lunch, the boys threw peanuts at a fellow student with severe food allergies.

The Los Angeles area fifth-grader was so sensitive to nuts that exposure might send him to the emergency room. More >

Feeling out of shape and fat?, then start walking

June 18, 2017, Washington Post

Diana Nyad — the endurance athlete who, at age 64, swam from Cuba to Florida — has another big dream.

It doesn’t involve water, poisonous jellyfish or an exhausting 111-mile journey that took her 53 hours. More >

Study: A third of teen girls in the U.S. experience depression

June 18, 2017, Washington Post

By Ariana Eunjung Cha

The Washington Post

Depression is usually considered an issue parents have to watch out for starting in the turbulent teenage years. More >

How newly approved immunotherapy is giving some cancer patients hope

June 11, 2017

The oncologist was blunt: Stefanie Joho’s colon cancer was raging out of control and there was nothing more she could do. Flanked by her parents and sister, the 23-year-old felt something wet on her shoulder. She looked up to see her father weeping. More >

You just learned you have breast cancer. What’s next?

Treatment decision-making is not a medical emergency.

May 28, 2017

Steven Katz, an internist at the University Michigan, researches how medical decisions are made. Over the last dozen years, he has surveyed 10,000 patients and their doctors to better understand how they discuss a diagnosis and decide to proceed. More >

Alzheimer’s disease and Mexican Americans

May 28, 2017

(NIMH) — Early memory issues known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI), commonly seen among Mexican Americans, may predispose them to Alzheimer’s disease almost a decade sooner than non-Hispanics. More >

Century-old technique may help infertile couples conceive without IVF

May 28, 2017

( — A 100-year-old medical treatment could help infertile women get pregnant without undergoing pricey in vitro fertilization (IVF), a new study suggests. More >

Doctors urge more exercise for pregnant women

May 21, 2017

Old health advice often dies hard. This is particularly true — perhaps dangerously so — of historic advice for pregnant women, according to a new Viewpoint published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association. More >

Bullying persists in school, reports of sex crime up

May 21, 2017

One in every 5 middle and high school students has complained of being bullied at school and the number of reports of sexual assault on college campuses has more than tripled over the past decade, according to a federal study released May 16. More >

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