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Brazilian soap opera “Avenida Brasil” arrives to Telemundo

January 12, 2014

  • Foto: Cortesía de Telemundo
    La actriz brasileña Ísis Nable Valverde hace el papel de Suelen en la novela “Avenida Brasil”.
    Brazilian actress Ísis Nable Valverde stars as Suelen at the soap opera “Avenida Brasil.”

(Courtesy of Telemundo) — Telemundo started transmission of the Brazilian soap opera “Avenida Brasil,” which is on track to become the best production of its kind from the giant South American country, surpassing even “The Clone,“ one of the most successful Brazilian soap operas of all time.

“Avenida Brasil“ was a big hit in South America and Brazilian network “O Globo” has sold it to more than 120 countries and it has been translated into 17 languages.

Restaurants and public establishments in Brazil installed big screens to broadcast the last chapter of this show, as if it were a football final.

Brazilian media reported that “Avenida Brasil” grossed $1 billion, and that the last episode reached 51 viewership points on average, with peaks of 53.

“Avenida Brasil“ was also a social network phenomenon fed by innumerable allusive comments, as it had not happened in a long time in the country.

The soap opera fever even affected the agenda of President Dilma Rousseff, who according to the press, changed the date of an act of support for the incumbent candidate for mayor of Sao Paulo to not coincide with the last chapter of the soap opera.

Traditionally, soap-operas were aspirational, often starring wealthy characters. Now, with this soap-opera, they’re intended to be relatable, a reflection of the tens of millions from the C class, or the new middle class.

“When we portrayed poor people, they were always dreaming of leaving their suburbs and striking it rich. But now we want to show a place that, in spite of being poor, is cheerful and warm, a place where there can be prosperity,” Ricardo Waddington, coordinator of Avenida Brasil told Folha de São Paulo.

Showing members of the new middle class flourishing represents a new type of aspiration. “Here in Brazil, there’s a real problem in understanding how the lower middle class thinks. This lower class doesn’t hold up the elite as a model. The reference for these people is not the rich, but rather the neighbor who succeeded,” Renato Meirelles, CEO of Data Popular – a marketing firm specializing in the middle and lower classes – told the AP.

As with many novelas, the products used on the show become must-have items, particularly for women, and despite featuring new middle class styles, Avenida Brasil is no exception. Pants and jewelry worn by the Suelen character have been a hit across the country. Globo licensed six lines of products made up from 50 items from Avenida Brasil alone.

Plot of “Avenida Brasil,” now in Telemundo

“Avenida Brasil” presents the life of a girl who is orphaned as a result of her stepmother’s greedy plans, who abandons her in a landfill, where she eventually meets the love of her life. The innocent love of these children is truncated when each is adopted by different families, with which both assume new names. What they never imagined is that destiny reunites them as adults when she’s employed in the household of her enemy, who gave her up for adoption, and that’s where she is reunited with her first love. Viewers can follow “Avenida Brasil” via Facebook/ AvenidaBrasilUS and @AvenidaBrasilUS in Twitter. For more information, visit (http://file//composeviewinternalloadurl/ and find out more details on Twitter @TLMDMediaPR.

With the participation of international star Murilo Benicio (The Clone), “Avenida Brasil” is the dramatic story of Rita (Débora Falabella), who struggles to recover part of the life her ambitious stepmother, Carminha (Adriana Esteves), stole from her when she was just a girl. Rita‘s father dies under mysterious circumstances and Carminha and her lover, Max (Marcello Novaes), manage to send the girl to live in a dump, not to stand in the way of his plans to get rich. There, the little girl is forced to work by a cruel man called Nilo (José de Abreu), but is lucky to meet a boy called Batata (Eduardo Simões), who becomes her best friend and true love, who takes her to live with other children in a house in the landfill. Luckily, Rita is adopted by a loving family that takes her to live to another country and renames her Nina. Batata is adopted by Carminha and Tifon (Murilo Benicio), and is named Jorgito (Cauã Reymond). Years later, all grown up and motivated by revenge, Nina finds Carminha and becomes the family cook, to infiltrate and implement her plan, but the least she imagined is that the two have in common their love for Jorgito, best childhood friend and first love of Nina and Carminha’s son.

“Avenida Brasil” airs Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. on Telemundo .

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