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New U.S. citizens honored in Elgin

July 16, 2017

A permanent resident for 31 years, Maria Morales de Manrique felt no need to become a U.S. citizen until her grandchildren told her they worried she’d be deported. More >

Herrera sisters find their place at JJC

July 09, 2017

(Submitted by JJC) — Itzamar, Erika and Andrea Herrera are sisters, but look so much alike that they often get mistaken for triplets. They share each other’s clothes, try out different sports together (right now it’s tennis), and volunteer at the Spanish Community Center. More >

Elgin hospital targets diabetes among Latinos

July 02, 2017, Elena Ferrarin

Angel Grimaldo was happy to find out his blood sugar level was normal, but also shocked to see — literally — how much sugar there is in a can of soda. Grimaldo, 62, of Elgin, is among hundreds of Latinos who have received free glucose screenings in the last year from Advocate Sherman Hospital, which has been doing outreach at various locations in the community, including churches, factories and the public library. More >

Elgin-born dancer follows dream to Cirque du Soleil, ‘World of Dance’

July 02, 2017, Jamie Sotonoff

Trent Jeray Mendoza spent years as a struggling dancer — living on food stamps, doing street performances, sleeping on a friend’s floor for months while going to auditions and teaching dance lessons.

But it’s all paying off now for the Elgin native. More >

U-46 officials urge spending more on facilities, maybe close old schools

July 02, 2017, Madhu Krishnamurthy

Elgin Area School District U-46 officials say they need to spend more money maintaining facilities and equipment and consider closing aging schools. More >

Changes in life are never easy to adjust to

July 02, 2017, Neva Squires-Rodriguez

After almost three years working as a 911 dispatcher for the city I live in, I handed in my two-week notice. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my time there, because I truly did. More >

Low-wage workers fight for increase

June 26, 2017, Lauren Rohr

At 53 years old, Rosa Ramirez of Elgin has been working minimum-wage jobs to support herself and her family since they moved to the United States 20 years ago. For 22-year-old Ryan Foster, his low-wage income is essential to pay loans and get through college. More >

Minimum wage, sick leave opt-outs leave patchwork of laws in Cook County

June 25, 2017, Chris Placek

Some minimum wage workers in Cook County will get a $1.75 hourly raise and paid sick days July 1, but it depends where they work. A Daily Herald/Reflejos survey of 134 municipalities in suburban Cook County shows nearly two-thirds — by vote of local village boards and councils — have opted out of two county ordinances that would raise the minimum wage and mandate businesses pay employees for sick days. Some towns are scheduled to take votes this week, before the county ordinances take effect Saturday.  More >

How to improve your communication skills

June 25, 2017

Every time we are sharing information with another person, we use communication. Communication skills can be verbal (using voice), non-verbal (using body language, gestures) and written (using printed or digital media). More >

Suburban schools say cuts, closings loom without state budget by July 1

June 25, 2017, Madhu Krishnamurthy

Suburban schools officials say they are making plans to spend down reserves, borrow and even close schools if Illinois lawmakers don’t pass an education budget by July 1. More >

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