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Ricardo Gonzalez Acrylic Painter, Woodworker and Muralist

April 21, 2013

HIS STORY: Ricardo Gonzalez, a first-generation Mexican-American, was raised in Chicago’s Blue Island neighborhood. His earliest encounters with art took place in this neighborhood and shaped his ideology as an artist. He gravitated toward creating art that could reflect his Latino identity and culture. Whether on canvas, wood, street walls, or piñatas, he combines elements and forges art pieces that call into question Latin notions of tradition, gender roles, identity and other socioeconomic topics. When he’s not drawing or painting on a surface, Gonzalez enjoys things like running, watching films, and sipping on a chocolate espresso drink to get his creativity flowing.

HIS PASSION: His passion comes from a yearning to create accessible pieces of art. He says he creates art to embrace and reflect his surroundings. He finds expression in letting his art become public work. His ultimate desire is to inspire individuals of varied environments.

HIS GOAL: Gonzalez’s artistic dream is to continue creating murals and artwork that reflect diverse experiences. He also aspires to attain more instruction from institutions and art schools to be more educated on creating public artwork that calls attention to the needs of his community and helps fight complacency and passive attitudes.

HIS TRAINING: He followed his interest for art from childhood and through his college years at the American Academy of Art Chicago where he received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Shortly after, he pursued art instruction at several art centers and continues to look for new avenues for education.


HIS LATEST:Gonzalez is currently competing in the Jose Cuervo Traditional Mural Project. He is representing Illinois. There is a Facebook voting page for the public to vote for a mural to win the project. Visit to vote.



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