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Giovanni Arroyo


April 28, 2013

  • “Long night in Madrid”
  • “El Gancho”
  • “Paletas”
  • “Flamenco”

HIS STORY: Giovanni Arroyo is never without a camera. He feels incomplete without one in his hands. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in, and around the Chicago suburbs, Arroyo inherited a knack for artistic photography from his father. He was raised with a strong emphasis on the importance of heritage — a value he tries to incorporate in every one of his projects. His photography is a combination of modern techniques and classical stylings. Focusing mainly on black and white images, Arroyo aims to portray the beauty found in everyday moments, without the distraction of color. He specializes in street and travel photography, and portraiture.

HIS PASSION: He’s passionate about his work because he genuinely believes that art is a reflection of himself. Whether real, imaginary, or fantastic, he believes art is infused with self-expression. He’s motivated by a passion to create art that reflects his personal desires and reflects who he is, inside and out.

HIS DREAM:Arroyo’s ultimate goal is to have opportunities to share his vision with as many people as possible. Becoming a strong representative for the Latino art community is part of that vision and the reason he continues to hone his craft.

HIS INSPIRATION:The moment when his father, also a professional photographer, handed him a camera when he was a child, was the moment he was inspired to create. His father taught him all the aspects of photography, but made sure to not over-influence his art, allowing him to develop his own style.

HIS WEBSITES: Personal: Facebook: Twitter:@gdotarroyo and 500px:

HIS LATEST: Arroyo’s most recent and ongoing project is working with medium format film to capture street scenes in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Using the juxtaposition of photography with vintage cameras to capture life, he hopes to capture the image of this area in a format that can last.


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