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Meet the founders of Reventón Promotions, who brought Emmanuel and Mijares to Rosemont

June 07, 2015

What memories does the word ‘Reventón’ bring? No matter how old you are, this word probably brings fond memories of friends, lovers, family, parties, and times you went out, had fun, stayed up late, were pampered, perhaps were doing mischief, but in the end of it all you ended the night happy, with a smile from ear to ear, and with experiences and memories that no one can erase from your mind.

That smile is precisely what, more than a week after the successful concert of Emmanuel and Mijares last Thursday, May 28 at the Rosemont Theater in Rosemont, has not been erased from the fans who decided to party with these two music legends. Thus reliving the emotions that in their time where brought by songs like “Bella”, “Tengo Mucho Que Aprender de Ti,” “El Privilegio de Amar,” “Toda La Vida,” among other hits.

Fans wept with emotion, cried, hugged each other, and many were reminded by Emmanuel of the importance of spirituality, faith in God, to learn from others and balance in life. Social networks are flooded with beautiful comments about this concert, but, who was behind making this concert a reality and a success?

It’s a pair of partners, spouses and founders of Reventón Promotions — Sandra and Enrique Medrano!

The Medranos, along with their excellent team of exemplary staff and other partners, achieved total success in bringing these legends of Latin music. They continue to show that when you do everything with love and passion, the result is better quality and more love in return.

The Medranos are also living proof that dreams can come true always putting family and spirituality first, and finding the balance to achieve the American dream based on mutual support, work, respect, love and above all, also setting priority on other’s happiness and on always motivating them.

Creating Reventón Promotions was not the primary intention of the couple, even though Enrique was always struck by entertainment, was passionate about radio, and managed to become one of the most renowned radio hosts not only in Mexico but also in Chicago, where he was part at the time of EstereoMex WOJO — now known as Univision’s “La Que Buena.” It’s in EstereoMex where his show was given the name Sábados de Reventón, and then came his nickname “Mister Reventón.”

Things started going from there up to starting Reventón Promotions, and with the support and faith of his wife Sandra and his experience in the media and passion for the law, the spouses managed to become successful entrepreneurs and formed one of the most recognized entertainment companies across the United States, working with famous artists and comedians today.

“We are very adventurous and take risks,” said Enrique, adding that the support, hard work and love of his wife has been the key to the success they now have not only as

entrepreneurs but also as parents of their beautiful children, who are their greatest treasures.

The business’ mission is to convey love to the crowds with their efforts and that through its events, get people to smile, be happy, and above all form wonderful life memories in the company of their loved ones in every event of Reventón Promotions.

They came to this country as immigrants, a couple of suitcases, with the plan of staying for only a short time to “visit” but always with dreams. As they worked together and always with mutual respect, life paved their way to channel what they never imagined would be Reventón Promotions today.

One of life’s most important missions for Sandra is she wants the community to never give up on their dreams and invites all to respect, love, learn from others but especially as she said, “There are no impossibles, give love to receive more love, and especially make sure your family is always the most important thing for you, because without the family (my husband, my children, my friends and staff at Reventón) none of this would matter, always honors family and you will achieve everything.“

Certainly, finding the balance between work life and family and personal life is not easy, but Sandra and Enrique Medrano are the example that with true love and commitment everything is possible.

As Emmanuel would say, “I have much to learn from you my love.” Yes, it is important that we do not forget that with love, you learn a lot, and yes you can.

And don’t worry if you missed Emmanuel and Mijares’ concert, because the next ‘party’ you will be able to enjoy is with Pepe Aguilar on June 26 at the Auditorium Theater at Roosevelt University. So we should not leave the party behind because as far as parties go, we still have many more memories to create and for this we’ll go with Enrique, Sandra and the entire group of Reventón Promotions! Don’t stay, visit for more information and follow them in their social networks to keep track of their events.

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