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Changes in life are never easy to adjust to

July 02, 2017
By Neva Squires-Rodriguez

  • Neva Squires-Rodriguez

After almost three years working as a 911 dispatcher for the city I live in, I handed in my two-week notice. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my time there, because I truly did.

I was offered a job with a village that paid more and offered more opportunity for growth.

In addition to these benefits, I hoped it would offer more time to spend with my family.

While my previous job offered more than enough overtime and I definitely enjoyed making the additional money, my husband and kids began to complain when I was held over and called in to work on a regular basis. Being a 911 dispatcher, or working in law enforcement in general, means working on holidays and birthdays. It puts a lot of strain on families and marriages — even the strongest ones.

I felt good about the change. But nothing could prepare me for the sadness I felt in leaving my job.

While I loved working very close to home, it wasn’t what kept me there. Over the years, my relationship with fellow dispatchers and police officers became comparable to that of brothers and sisters. Leaving that work family was what scared me most when I was offered the new job.

Even the few officers who got on my nerves from time to time ended up being more like a brother who constantly comes you’re your room uninvited. They might have frustrated me for a minute or two, but in the end I knew I still loved them.

The other thing that scared me about leaving my job to start the new one was the lack of diversity in the new work environment and the community.

Over the years I have been able to use my Spanish at least once a day, and I had begun to feel it developing. Working in the new location would mean rarely using it.

In the end I decided to take the new job for my personal development and my family’s happiness.

The change definitely wasn’t easy to adjust to, but change never is. It’s just something we sometimes have to do in order to keep moving forward.

Have you had to make a difficult decision lately?

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